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I have known Jeff for many years. Although we did not work directly together at Ernst & Young his reputation for quality work was well known. Since that time Jeff and I have had many mutual friends and clients that he has worked with. I have never heard a bad thing about Jeff in 30 years. Only good. He is a stand up guy. Does what he says he will do. Not many folks you can say that about these days.
— Robin Hensley, President, Raising the Bar
Jeff, this is a true example of who you are and I am simply overwhelmed by your refund. I have already let the Chairman and Financial Partner as well as the firm that does our accounting work know of how you handled this. You are a blessing to us and you will be blessed. We’ll be in touch if we, or anyone we know, needs help in the future.
— James Gillespie, Executive Administrator and CFO, Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP
Joseph…I have a potential solution to my schedule issue. Jeff Moore could meet with you on Monday. Jeff and I have been associates for over 20 years. Jeff has deep experience working in challenging cash flow situations. I have full confidence in him.
— C-Level Consultant, Professional Services Firm
Hi John. After we got off the phone it hit me that there is a potential solution to your interim situation. I use a very trustworthy forensic accounting firm (JE Moore, CPA, PC) that offers very credible and very reasonably priced part-time bookkeeping and CFO/Controllership assistance. I would strongly recommend you talk with them before deciding to hire someone you need to manage. Please let me know if you would like to have a conversation about this.
— Jim Sullivan, CEO and Founder, HealPros, LLC
Jeff, good news…we settled the case at the end of the day yesterday, for $90,000. The judge handled both sides well.  If the test of a good settlement is that both parties are equally unhappy, this was probably a good settlement. Your help was invaluable. I appreciate your taking this on with relatively short notice. I will definitely keep you in mind for accounting issues in any other cases.
— David Myers, Esq., Litigation Partner, FisherBroyles, LLP
I have had the opportunity to be associated with Mr. Moore on a variety of engagements over the last few years. Through these associations I have found Mr. Moore’s professional skill, character, and integrity to be of the highest level. Every client engagement Mr. Moore has been involved in for us, he has done an excellent job.
— Michael R. Stresser, CPA, President, Stresser & Associates, PC
Jeff, I want to thank you for all your hard work and efforts on the forensics project. I don’t recall ever seeing such a valuable body of work produced in such a short time, including delivering an extraordinary report. Thanks for all the hard work and exceptional efforts under extreme pressure. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again…perhaps as soon as next week.
— Larry D. Hughes, CEO, Everest Group International, LLC
I hired Jeff as a subcontractor to provide services as a professional accountant and consultant. The project Jeff was hired for was to assist us in our troubled company turnaround and restructuring work for a large (>$600 million in sales) NYSE company. This company had been experiencing continuing sales and gross margin declines and was attempting to reduce its cost structure so as to fit its shrinking revenue size. The company’s struggle was reflected in its continuing operating losses. At the same time the company was attempting to restructure its debt and equity. The company was in violation of its restrictive debt covenants and the largest holder of common stock was seeking a liquidity event. Just prior to our assignment a new CEO was brought in to turnaround the company; we were assisting him in his efforts.

During the first six months of the CEO’s tenure all of the top management personnel were replaced. This caused a difficult environment for the consultants. Both the business and human dynamics had tremendous swings. Despite the environment, Jeff integrated his efforts to the project with great skill and diplomacy. Jeff’s assignment focused on understanding and recommending changes to the business processes in the general accounting, the purchasing and accounts payable, the credit and collections, and the treasury and cash management functions. His observations and recommendations considered both the required levels of internal controls and process activity changes necessary in order to do more with fewer personnel, integrating technology to assist in the effort. Jeff’s efforts were complicated by the abrupt departure of the CFO and Treasurer. The CEO recognized Jeff’s contribution when he offered Jeff the CFO position. During this assignment Jeff was a key interface with the primary bankers and suppliers personnel. Jeff performed superbly. His observations and recommendations resulted in the company improving its cash flow.
— Rob Berling, President, Berling Associates
While President of a $500 million/year publicly held corporation, I retained Jeff to assist in developing and kicking-off our year-one SOX 404 compliance effort. Recommended to us by our Big-4 audit firm, Jeff proved to be a very cost-effective solution. Over the four-month period Jeff served us, he consistently provided expert advice as well as hands-on professional assistance. He communicated extremely well with our executive team and other key managers and staff. Jeff is a true professional and I would give him the highest recommendation without hesitation.
— Mark Diamond, Principal, Advantage Talent, Inc.
I know Jeff to be a bright individual with many talents. He is both a mentor and a friend. In each of these capacities, traits of honesty, integrity, respect and consistency continually manifest themselves during our interactions. His open-minded attitude and friendly demeanor make him easy to work with and his experience and know how make him someone that anyone could depend on.
— Michael Wendt, Owner, Wendt Corporate Realty Services
Jeff Moore is an exemplary individual both personally and professionally. Jeff has a wealth of experience as a consultant/CFO and a very high and rare knowledge in the area of forensic accounting. Jeff is thorough, honest, objective and trustworthy. I would give Jeff and the business services he offers, my highest recommendation.
— Wesley Hill, Attorney/CPA, Wesley Kent Hill, LLC
Jeff and I have worked together on a number of boards over the years. His commitment to service and attention to detail distinguish him as a contributor, not just a passive member. If you want to get results, keep Jeff in mind.
— Bill Black, Owner, Analytical Value LLC
I have had the great pleasure of knowing and working with Jeff in various high-level capacities over the recent years including as a fellow Board Member of the Georgia Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.  Jeff’s Board of Director/client-facing abilities in complex investigation engagements, combined with his roll-up-the-sleeves approach to determine the root cause of issues in forensic engagements has proven him to be a well sought after professional in Atlanta.
— Dave Peacos, Partner, Gifford Hillegass & Ingwersen, LLP
Mary, I’ve given a lot of thought to your situation and have come up with a plan that I think is workable and I have contacted a colleague of ours to help with the project. Jeff Moore is not an employee of ours but does outsourced CFO/controller work for clients and we have worked with him on many projects over the past several years. He is extremely competent and I think you will like him. When I looked at our internal staffing and talked with my partners, we simply could not figure out a way to staff your project efficiently and cost-effectively. Jeff works on his own on just this type of consulting project and has other staff that work with him much less expensively than the rates that we charge, because of the fact that we do mostly (text omitted) work.
— Managing Partner, Atlanta-Based Professional Services Firm
Jeff, just wanted to say a quick thank you for your help on the audit. First time around is always difficult but your assistance made the process much more efficient.
— Audit Partner, CPA Firm, based in New Jersey
I think the meeting with the bank (owed $5 million by client) went well. They (bank president and three other bank executives) were very impressed with you and your diligent work. I am indebted to you Jeff.
— Owner and President, $7 Million/Yr Business
Jeff, I agree. They will see the quality of your report and the type of investigation that you did for us. Corporate’s initial recommendation was for us to contact one of the larger firms to do the investigation. In this situation I did not see the need to do that. It may be that another Division would have a similar need and Corporate could recommend that the Division contact you for a competitive bid. In any case, I think that you provide an excellent alternative for someone needing forensic or investigative services. If they ask us for input, we will be happy to recommend your services.
— Board Member, Georgia Chapter of Large National Non-Profit Organization
A forensic accountant I can highly recommend is Jeff Moore. I worked closely with Jeff on a matter several years ago that concerned a business divorce which involved numerous businesses, with the added wrinkle that the two shareholders were also going through a divorce. It was a very difficult situation, and I was very impressed with Jeff, both from a professional and a personal standpoint.
— Patrick Jones, Esq., Friend, Hudak & Harris, LLP
Jeff, I think Mary (CEO of $90 million/year company) needs to know if she has the right people, the right system and the right procedures to solve the problem of unreliable financials. Until someone is able to explain what went wrong and how it has been fixed, the numbers will be suspect. You are the right person to get to the bottom of this and restore integrity to their numbers. I’m glad you will be working with her.
— Frank Chamberlain, CEO, Chamberlain & Cansler
Jeff has tirelessly served our company; he established most of the accounting and finance procedures that we currently utilize. We will be forever grateful for his contributions and sincere care for our organization and team.
— JIm Sullivan, CEO and Founder, Healpros, LLC
I recommend Jeff to you without qualification as a man of integrity. His firm has performed work for our agency in the past, and I know he is held in high regard by his clients.
— Randy Tanner, President, Tanner, Ballew & Maloof, Inc.