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JE Moore Launches Staffing Division

JE Moore has formalized its staffing operations by establishing JE Moore Financial Staffing as a division of the firm. This move is an outgrowth of, 1) Jeff Moore’s own 30+ years of experience as a solo professional; 2) his long history of investing in and networking with hundreds of other financial freelancers to have a ready bench of project workers when he needed part-time and interim help for certain of his assignments; 3) the huge increase in the number of highly qualified professionals who now work as independent freelancers; 4) the proliferation of lost-cost technology and apps that allow work to be performed remotely from anywhere in the world; and 5) the move by organizations of all types to regularly and gladly utilize contract professionals for a myriad of part-time and interim tasks and assignments.

Shaped by the massive growth in the digitally connected and “work-from-anywhere” freelancer workforce, JE Moore Staffing is solely devoted to delivering cost-effective accounting and financial help to small and large businesses and other organizations. The Division is focused on building long-term, profit-enhancing relationships with clients by giving them easy access to its growing brigade of high-quality freelance accounting and financial professionals. JE Moore Staffing is also focused on investing in and developing the individual freelancers in its diverse talent pool, particularly through in-person and online community-building and knowledge-sharing events.

JE Moore is an Atlanta, GA accounting firm that’s been in business since 1984. JE Moore was founded by Jeff Moore, a CPA and business consultant, as a part-time and interim CFO/Controllership services firm many years before that type of practice evolved into a hugely viable business model which is now embraced by the overall business community, both nationally and locally. As a solo-practitioner accountant and consultant, Mr. Moore specializes in managerial and forensic accounting. He also performs traditional financial statement compilation and review engagements.

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