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Do you want to significantly reduce the headaches and costs associated with accounting functions in your organization? Our cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting services can relieve you of the burden of handling some or all of your routine data entry, bill payment, payroll, receivables management, account reconciliations, and preparation of monthly financial statements. We offer the following broad levels of outsourced accounting services:

Level One: Bookkeeping

  • QuickBooks online setup
  • Chart of accounts setup/maintenance
  • Download/reconcile bank account activity
  • Download/reconcile credit card activity
  • Cash-basis financial statements
  • Month-end phone consultation

Level Two: Accounting

  • All ‘Level One’ services
  • Bill payment and A/P reports
  • Customer receipts and A/R reports
  • Fixed assets and depreciation
  • Accrual-basis financial statements
  • Profit improvement tips

Level Three: AccountingPlus

  • All ‘Level Two’ services
  • Payroll processing
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Ratio analysis
  • Profit improvement group m’ship
  • Other functions

A Quick Cost Comparison

The annual cost savings associated with outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting functions can be fairly dramatic. Here’s a rough approximation of a possible scenario:

$20,000 = Cost of one part-time bookkeeper (Incl. wages, benefits, management oversight, and clean-up help from outside CPA)

$12,000 = Cost of outsourced bookkeeping/accounting services

$  8,000 = Annual Savings (40% cost reduction, plus higher level of service, better quality, and fewer headaches)

Infographic:  Accounting Cheat Sheet


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