[hr size=’small’]Whether you’re a solo-practitioner, or managing partner of a 30-person law firm, your practice can probably benefit greatly by improving its accounting and financial management function. JE Moore specializes in helping small and mid-sized law firms that can’t afford or don’t require a fully staffed finance department. Our outsourced accounting and CFO/Controllership services are designed to fit the unique needs of each law firm client. We can handle all your bookkeeping and financial management needs from our offices, using state-of-the art, cloud-based accounting applications…or we can work on-site at your office several hours/days each week, using your dedicated systems and staff.

More Time to Practice Law

When freed-up from the worry of bookkeeping, accounting, and other financial management tasks, lawyers can focus on what’s most important: Delivering superb legal services to clients. By relying on us, you and your partners and associate lawyers will experience fewer headaches and less downtime which stems from managing an in-house finance team.

Better Financial Information

Sure, we generate timely and accurate P&L statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. But we don’t stop there. You’ll likely want us to help with your strategic growth plans, operating budgets, cash forecasts, and a variety of other reports and analyses pertaining to partner profitability, unbilled WIP, and other firm metrics.

Higher Per-Partner Profits

We help lower your overall accounting and financial management expenses (via reduced headcount and technology costs), free you and your partners up to maximize client billings, and create firm and partner-level accountability systems. All of these features work together in enhancing the bottom-line profitability of your firm.

[hr size=’small’]To learn more about how an outsourced accounting or CFO/Controllership services arrangement may be just the right solution for your firm, call or email us now and receive a complimentary one-hour Q&A session to help you assess your situation.

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