Experience the power of community . . . join a VISION Group!

We’re in the process of forming an informal network of professional peer groups (called VISION groups) comprised of various mixtures of forward-thinking CPAs, attorneys, bankers, consultants, and business owners/executives. Members of these special-interest groups meet regularly for up to twelve months or more. Group members learn from and encourage each other, and when appropriate, align with each other and with other VISION groups to grow their businesses.

It’s contemplated that each VISION group will operate as follows:

  • Have a trained leader, a co-leader, and at least 4-to-8 other ‘invitation-only’ members
  • Hold in-person or online meetings on at least a monthly basis
  • Be focused on a specific industry, functional role, practice area, or other niche
  • Will not function as a “leads-type” group, but will instead focus on knowledge sharing
  • Members maintain confidentiality regarding sensitive/private topics discussed in the group
  • No member fees are charged except to cover food/drink and other group expenses
  • Members participate in periodic gatherings with other Atlanta-area VISION groups
  • Groups may leave the VISION program at any time to operate on their own

Here are examples of VISION groups you may want to launch or join:

  • Fraud and Forensic Accounting Group
  • Construction Industry Group
  • Troubled Business Advisors Group
  • Nonprofit Leaders and Advisors Group
  • Business Owners Peer Group
  • Small Business Advisors Group
  • Business Valuation Experts Group
  • Solo and Small Firm CPAs Group
  • CPAs, Attorneys, and Bankers Group
  • Self-Employed CFOs and Controllers Group
  • M&A Specialists Group
  • Quickbooks Online Consultants Group
  • EOS/Traction Users Group
  • Virtual Bookkeepers Group

If you’re interested in participating in the VISION program, or if you have a client or colleague who might be, please let us know by sending an email to

A good way to get a feel for how a VISION group works is to attend one of our roundtable sessions. While not an exact replica of meetings held by a VISION group, the roundtables reveal the power and value of being in community with a small group of like-minded business owners and professionals.

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