Jeff Moore to Speak at Bankruptcy Symposium

On October 9, 2013, The Georgia Society of CPAs is hosting its first annual Troubled Businesses and Bankruptcy Symposium. The 8-hour event will be held at the GSCPA’s offices in the Atlanta Financial Center in Buckhead. Jeff will be a panelist on one of the afternoon segments, entitled “Top Ten Things Accountants Need to Know About Troubled Businesses and Bankruptcy Cases.” See the online digital brochure for a listing of topics and speakers and for registration information.

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Need a Speaker For Your Organization or Group?

Our owner and principal consultant, Jeff Moore, is available to speak or lead roundtable discussions on a variety of managerial and forensic accounting topics for your company or group. Here’s a representative listing of topics:

  • Ten Red Flags of a Troubled Business
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast – How and When to Use
  • When Should You Retain a Forensic Accountant?
  • Detecting Errors and Irregularities in Company Financial Statements
  • Ten Key Internal Controls for Small and Mid-Sized Companies
  • What to Do (and Not Do!) When You Suspect Embezzlement
  • Dealing With the Family Business in Divorce
  • Fraud Prevention: Ten Tips for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Is it Time to Outsource My Organization’s Bookkeeping/Accounting Functions?
  • Ten Mistakes Businesses Make With Their QuickBooks Accounting System

Use the below contact form to let us know of your interest in having Jeff speak or lead a discussion for your group or organization. Be as specific as possible with your needs with respect to group size, date range, and the topic in which you’re interested. Thank you.

Jeff Moore Named Chair of GSCPA’s Troubled Businesses & Bankruptcy Division

Jeff Moore was recently named Chair of the ”Troubled Businesses & Bankruptcy Division” of the Georgia Society of CPAs. The TBB Division is one of five autonomous Divisions of the GSCPA’s Forensic and Valuation Services Section. This niche group offers a wide variety of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities for CPAs, bankers, lawyers, receivers, trustees, judges and workout/turnaround professionals interested in advising and serving troubled-business clients, both inside and outside of bankruptcy. To learn more about the Division and its activities, click here.

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Jeff Moore Quoted in Atlanta Business Chronicle

Jeff Moore was quoted extensively in Detecting Distress, a feature article in the February 8-14, 2013 issue of The Atlanta Business Chronicle. The article included a listing of the following examples of tasks forensic accountants can perform in troubled-business situations:

  • Performing business assessments and viability analyses
  • Reconstructing historical financial information
  • Preparing cash flow forecasts
  • Developing and overseeing cash control systems
  • Assessing business plans, budgets and forecasts
  • Performance monitoring following implementation of new business plans
  • Collateral analysis and monitoring
  • Fraud investigations, litigation support and expert witness testimony
  • Improvement of accounting and reporting systems
  • Investigative interviews of management and other personnel
  • Valuation of assets on a going-concern and liquidation basis
  • Assistance with bankruptcy planning, filing, accounting and reporting
  • Analyzing preferential transfers and assisting with avoidance actions in bankruptcy
  • Assisting with profitability enhancement and workout/turnaround plans
  • Assessing management malfeasance/wrongdoing
  • Filling court-appointed auditor, receiver and administrator roles

Click here to read the entire article.

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Jeff Moore Receives AICPA Award

aicpaDuring the American Institute of CPAs’ National Forensic Accounting Conference held in Chicago in September, Jeff Moore, CPA/CFF, CFE, CIRA was recognized as the “2011 Outstanding CFF Champion” for his leadership within the CFF Champion community and his accomplishments that furthered the CFF credential within the Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA). The Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) Champion Program is an AICPA initiative that offers CFF credential holders the support, structure and resources to collaborate with state CPA societies in informing CPAs about the importance of forensic accounting services.

Jeff was instrumental in the revamp and rebranding of the Forensic and Valuation Services Section (FVS Section) of the GSCPA where new, innovative ideas and programs were implemented. Examples include updating their mission statement and key goals, utilizing LinkedIn groups as a networking tool for their members, surveying section members, and hosting the annual GSCPA Fraud and Forensic Accounting Conference in which over 140 participants attended last year. He and three other fellow CFF Champions from Georgia were featured on a nationwide AICPA conference call held in June to discuss the role of the GSCPA’s FVS Section in assisting forensics practitioners and promoting the CFF credential. He also initiated and moderated an informal knowledge-sharing meeting at the recent AICPA National Forensic Accounting Conference.

In addition, the AICPA appointed Jeff as a member of the CFF Credential Committee for the 2011-12 volunteer service year. The purpose of this committee is to develop and maintain qualification requirements for credential applicants; to serve as technical advisor regarding the education offerings necessary to support the pathway for becoming a credential holder; to serve as technical advisor regarding the education offerings credential holders need to maintain and expand their expertise; and to develop and maintain initiatives to recruit and retain credential holders.

Source: Nov/Dec issue of the GSCPA “Currrent Accounts” publication

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New Book Gives Credit to JE Moore Blog

bookLast week, while browsing in my local Barnes & Noble bookstore, I was pleasantly surprised to see my name and blog name in print. The Solo Accountant Reporter (discontinued in 2015) was listed along with a number of other bloggers/blogs in the acknowledgments section of “Professional Services Marketing.” Authors Mike Schultz and John Doerr wrote, “We’d like to thank leading bloggers, thinkers, and writers who, over the past several years, have influenced our thoughts about marketing, sales, and business…” This small bit of recognition is greatly appreciated and encourages me to continue my blogging efforts. By the way, I couldn’t resist purchasing the book…and have found it to be loaded with practical guidance about firm branding, lead generation, and business development.


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