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Why Join a Professional Peer Group?

Have you ever been part of a small group of like-minded people who met together, with intentionality, on a regular schedule and for a period of 6-12 months or more? If yes, then you know how the power of community and small groups can be beneficial to members of the group. If not, you really ought to consider giving this a try.

Throughout the last twelve years, I’ve been in at least one peer group at all times. Currently, I meet every Tuesday morning from 6:30 to 8:00 AM with a 12-person group which gathers in an office at the Atlanta Tech Village. This group launched in August and plans to meet for 12 months. Meetings start and end on time and always have a pre-planned agenda. Most sessions begin with each member sharing their business and personal ‘highs and lows’ since the prior meeting. The core of the meeting involves  (more…)

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Tips for Accounting Freelancers

It’s common knowledge that the gig economy is booming. More and more workers of all types are working on a freelance, independent contractor basis. If you’re an accountant…from bookkeeper to CFO-level…there are tremendous opportunities to deliver your services as a free agent to large and small organizations. I’ve been working as a solo CPA and business consultant for 30+ years. During that time many accounting professionals have sought my advice on how to succeed as a freelancer. Here are the most frequent
tips I’ve offered:

Getting started – Launching your solo business is not difficult, at least from a procedural standpoint. You can just tell yourself and others that you’re in business, order business cards from Vistaprint, tune-up your LinkedIn profile, and prepare PDF copies of your resume and a one-page menu of services…and you’re in business. It’s that simple. Later you’ll want to build (more…)

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Embezzlement: Who? When? Why?

Fraud TriangleThe “Fraud Triangle” is a term that is commonly used by anti-fraud professionals to highlight the three circumstances which exist in most fraud occurrences. Those facets are: financial pressure, opportunity, and rationalization. The idea is that if a person, 1) experiences pressure to need or want more cash, 2) feels he has the opportunity to steal and not get caught, and 3) rationalizes that it’s okay to do the stealing, then there’s a good chance he’ll do it. (more…)

Six Ways Accountants Can Help Improve Profits

Business turnaroundVery few businesses achieve the higher levels of profitability and bottom-line results that are available to them on an ongoing basis. A good accountant, whether an internal financial manager, or external accounting advisor, has at their disposal a myriad of ways to positively affect the net income of the entities they serve. In this post, I want to highlight six fundamental steps that accountants can take that will help enhance enterprise profits and cash flow. Here they are: (more…)

Jeff Moore to be Panelist at CPA/Banker Event

GSCPA LogoOn November 17, 2015, the Atlanta Chapter of the Georgia Society of CPAs and the Atlanta Chapter of the Risk Management Association are jointly hosting the 2015 Banking Update, a one-hour continuing education and luncheon event at the Buckhead Club (3344 Peachtree Street Road NE, Suite 2600, Atlanta, GA 30326). The program will feature an interactive panel discussion focused on forensic accounting, earnings manipulation, and other fraud prevention and detection topics. The session will be moderated by Joe Pegnia (Grisanti, Galef & Goldress) and include the following panelists: David Walker (Synovus Bank), Bill DuPre, Esq. (Miller & Martin PLLC), Kris Trainor, CPA, CFE (Mauldin & Jenkins), and Jeff Moore, CPA/CFF/CGMA, CFE, CIRA (J.E. Moore Accountants and Consultants). Click here to learn more and to register.

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JE Moore Launches Staffing Division

JE Moore has formalized its staffing operations by establishing JE Moore Staffing as a division of the firm. This move is an outgrowth of, 1) Jeff Moore’s own 30+ years of experience as a solo professional; 2) his long history of investing in and networking with hundreds of other financial freelancers to have a ready bench of project workers when he needed part-time and interim help for certain of his assignments; 3) the huge increase in the number of highly qualified professionals who now work as independent freelancers; 4) the proliferation of lost-cost technology and apps that allow work to be performed remotely from anywhere in the world; and 5) the move by organizations of all types to regularly and gladly utilize contract professionals for a myriad of part-time and interim tasks and assignments. (more…)

Jeff Moore Receives CGMA Credential

CGMA LogoIn December 2014, Jeff Moore was awarded the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation from the American Institute of CPAs and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). The CGMA designation recognizes professionals who have deep understanding of finance and have expanded their business skills through experience as management accountants to help drive better business decisions. (more…)

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Jeff Makes Presentation at TSCPA Southeastern Forensic & Valuation Services Conference

Jeff1On October 28, 2014, Jeff Moore made a presentation entitled, Bankruptcy and Troubled Business Services: Six Tips for CPAs, in Brentwood, TN, for the 2014 Tennessee Society of CPAs (TSCPA) Southeastern Forensic & Valuation Services Conference. This event was designed for CPAs who currently provide forensic and valuation services (FVS) and those interested in learning how to add these services to their business.  During the three-day conference, attendees were given the opportunity to receive 2o hours of forensic and valuation continuing professional education (CPE) hours. In addition to Mr. Moore, this year’s program featured many of the top practitioners across Tennessee, as well as the Honorable Alberto R. Gonzales (former Attorney General and Advisor to President George W. Bush) and numerous other national FVS speakers, including James Hitchner, Kevin Yeanoplos, Miles Mason, Sr., James Harrison, and Frank Tinari, Ph.D.

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Jeff Moore Named Chair of AICPA Committee

aicpaEffective 11/1/14, Jeff Moore will become Chair of the Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) Credential Committee of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  Jeff was first appointed as a Member of the Committee in 2010 and has been the Chair of its CFF Champions Program Task Force since that time.  The CFF Credential Committee supports the AICPA by developing and maintaining qualification requirements for credential applicants; serving as technical advisor regarding the education offerings necessary to support the pathway for becoming a credential holder; serving as technical advisor regarding the education offerings credential holders need to maintain and expand their expertise; and developing and maintaining initiatives to recruit and retain credential holders.

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JE Moore Receives Top Grade on AICPA Peer Review

For the fifth consecutive time, JE Moore has received the highest score possible on its most recent peer review of the portion of the firm’s practice that involves financial statement compilations and reviews. This peer review covered compilation and review engagements completed during the twelve-month period ended March 31, 2013.  We are proud of the fact that we have successfully completed all five peer reviews, which covered the last 15 years of our work.  Copies of the report from our most recent peer review and the AICPA letter of acceptance are available upon request. The report included an unqualified/passing opinion and the firm received no Letter of Comments as a result of peer review. Only a small percent (more…)

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