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We Work Closely With Other, More-Traditional CPA Firms

  • Do your clients sometimes struggle with maintaining updated, accurate financial statements and G/L information, which in-turn impedes your ability to profitably provide them with tax, audit, and other services?
  • Do you turn away opportunities to serve larger clients or take on non-traditional engagements because you lack the internal staff or fee structure needed for this work?
  • Do your clients sometimes get requests from banks or bonding companies to submit compiled or reviewed financial statements for which your tax-oriented practice is not equipped to issue?
  • Do you avoid referring specialized work needed by your prospective or existing clients to other CPA firms because of concerns they may “steal” the core work you desire for your own firm?
  • Would you like to grow your firm by offering CFO/Controllership services, forensic accounting, and/or troubled business consulting services?
  • Do your clients periodically have an immediate need for specialized investigative and/or troubleshooting assistance and advice relating to business, legal, or financial matters, for which your firm does not have the internal resources needed to quickly respond?

Since its beginning over 34 years ago, JE Moore has collaboratively provided on-demand, as-needed accounting and consulting services for many clients of CPA firms. Functioning as an “extension” of numerous solo, small, and large firms, we have helped those firms meet many of the routine and/or non-recurring needs of their clients. Call or email us today to learn more about how your firm can benefit from our Alliance Programs for CPAs.

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